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The Blueprint Zero Defects™ system is available on a project-by-project basis, and proves very cost effective. Companies that have more than one project underway, can view the status of numerous projects simultaneously, a great feature for across Company Defect Reporting.

Blueprint Consultants assist by pre-loading:

  • The building parameters so that users can navigate to rooms very quickly, from drop down boxes,
  • The list of all Companies, Trades, and Contractors on the job,
  • A list of the most common types of Defects, Trade Packages, and Elements found,
By pre-loading these and other fields a user can log a defect in a matter of seconds. From there Zero Defects™ manages the notification of the defect to the relevant trade, and tracks progress through a range of statuses, from 'Open' through to 'Fixed, for confirmation by owner/builder', and finally to 'Confirmed', when it is archived in History.