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How Does It Work? The Process At Work
Introduction Project Initiation
Why Roomdata™? Briefing
Reports Design/Documentation
Guided Walkthrough Construction
Training Commissioning/Bar-coding
Security/Technical Requirements
Briefing Stage


  • Users take generic rooms from project master library.
  • A 'save as' feature allows a user to speed the creation of new generic rooms.
  • Ability for user to create own items and assemblies
  • Ability to control who is responsible for each item and where it is documented.
  • Ability to add / delete items to generic rooms that filter throughout all similar rooms.
  • Schedule rooms into department groups, and departments.
  • The ability to change a generic item or room, and allow it to filter through to all rooms, or selected rooms.
  • Permissions used to determine what allocation of builder & client items users can modify.
  • Ability to apply a % or finite area to 'circulation' at departmental level.
  • Furniture, fittings & equipment (ff&e) detail can be added in this phase, with generic costing.
  • Ability to accurately coordinate client supplied (ff&e) items.
  • 'Plant' and 'travel' automatically allocated.
  • Generate Schedule of Accommodation.


Immediate Scoping of project

Together with QS - more accurate cost control of Project.

Earlier risk control.

In very short time, a set of 'project' Room Data Sheets are produced based on these standards, inclusive of generic items, with generic item costs, measurements, special attributes, supplier details, etc...

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