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The RoomData™ guided walkthrough has images and narration of the tool to provide a high level experience of its use.

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How Does It Work? The Process At Work
Introduction Project Initiation
Why Roomdata™? Briefing
Reports Design/Documentation
Guided Walkthrough Construction
Training Commissioning/Bar-coding
Security/Technical Requirements
RoomData™ mirrors the database needs of the master planning, design, development, construction, commissioning and hand over stages, completely on-line using as single database.

Project Initiation Stage


  • Client engages Blueprint to provide an on-line workspace for the project.
  • Project owner is allocated. (client)
  • A Blueprint 'consultant' discusses the size, scope, roles and estimated length of project.
  • Available 'kick start' item and room libraries are explained, and chosen.
  • A generic costing for all items supplied may be available.
  • The Blueprint consultant is available to assist and advise the project owner throughout the project, enacting and restricting access to users as appropriate.
  • All potential companies, sub-consultants and users are identified. A hierarchy of restricted access discussed and agreed. Decision on method of billing agreed.
  • All potential users are notified via email/fax that RoomData™ is to be utilised on the project. A user agreement attached with the email/fax. Users sign 'conditions of use' and fax back, or register on-line.
  • Individual users can work on multiple projects, and take previous work to new projects, ie 'item' and 'assembly' libraries.


Architects and sub-consultants are Master Planning based on libraries at a detailed level.

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