Project Blueprint
Take The Guided Tour Roomdata

The RoomData™ guided walkthrough has images and narration of the tool to provide a high level experience of its use.

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How Does It Work? The Process At Work
Introduction Project Initiation
Why Roomdata™? Briefing
Reports Design/Documentation
Guided Walkthrough Construction
Training Commissioning/Bar-coding
Security/Technical Requirements
Access to RoomData™ is via a login screen on RoomData™'s security access is individually assigned. All aspects of RoomData™ can be controlled via access rights, including granting view-only access to users who require management information. RoomData™ allows an unlimited number of users to be defined and comprehensive reports allow access profiles to be retrieved.

The client desktop will require the following;
  • Microsoft Windows 98/Millennium/2000/XP.
  • Preferably Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 and above.
  • ADSL or cable speed internet access preferred.

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