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Typically, information relating to very large construction projects undergoes a complicated journey. Managers spend thousands of hours detailing a development to the client's individual specifications. Quantity Surveyors invest many hours manipulating this information to their file structure. Feedback is often verbal.

Thousands of faxes and emails advising of alterations and changes between consultants and trades. Many versions spread over disparate offices. Procurement specialists then invest weeks re-arranging this same information, populating entirely separate listings to tender and purchase equipment.

Too often too little is provided to the building owner during the process and at project completion. Next time around this process starts all over again from the beginning.

Project Blueprint's RoomData™ system facilitates the user to detail Actual Room Data Sheets unique to the project, very quickly. Blueprint provides 'Generic' Room and Item libraries, complete with attributes, measurements and enables accurate costs, effectively providing the building blocks of any new project. The Asset Library able to be provided currently comprises approximately 2,500 items. All such items refer back to, and are linked to, the item library, meaning a global change to an item filters through all Rooms and Departments at a keystroke.

Via the re-use of expansive 'libraries' from past projects, RoomData™ 'kick-starts' a development right from Master Plan stage, enabling the completion of accurate 'Department Area Summary' and 'Schedule of Accommodation' Reports in hours, not days.

All consultants in the process are given access to the site, detailing their contribution via multi-layered restricted access, decided by the Project Owner.

All data is therefore stored throughout the Master Planning, Briefing, Schematic Design, Design Development, Construction, Purchasing and Commissioning process, entirely on-line.

All contributors can save their work, and re-use on subsequent projects. This 'My Library' feature effectively eliminates repetitive data keying from project to project, with users able to save all attributes about an item, including associated groupings or assemblies. A whole Room or Department documented in a few keystrokes.

The RoomData™ system enables Project Owners unprecedented access to accurate documentation, with the ability to view and print a variety of real-time Reports at their own workplace.

Project Blueprint then ensures the extraction of all 'as built' data at hand over stage, directly into client asset facility maintenance software systems of choice. Data provided can include all facets about an asset including relevant supplier & warranty details, bar code and purchase/installation costs (if requested). A complete inventory of not only what, but where it is.

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