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The RoomData™ guided walkthrough has images and narration of the tool to provide a high level experience of its use.

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How Does It Work? The Process At Work
Introduction Project Initiation
Why Roomdata™? Briefing
Reports Design/Documentation
Guided Walkthrough Construction
Training Commissioning/Bar-coding
Security/Technical Requirements
Design / Documentation


  • Similar functionality to briefing, but generally more detail is included; plant, travel and circulation is replaced with actual rooms.
  • Sub-consultants log on, create items and assemblies to allocate in rooms.
  • Functions are available to speed up allocation of items to rooms.
  • Users can create items, and save for subsequent projects.
  • Changes to items and attributes can be applied to many items at once, across a department or the whole project at once.
  • Print actual room data sheets.
  • Print item control reports.
  • If a room is deleted, the owner of any group 3 item is e-mailed to advise them of the change.
  • The Project Team, including architects and all sub consultants, review Generic Rooms and amend for project on-line.
  • Update and/or change item or room schedules and details to match design.
  • Generate and print agreed reports:
    • Design Departmental Area Summaries
    • Design Schedules of Accommodation
    • Design Room Data Sheets
    • Design FF&E Costing
    • Design Group 1, 2 and 3 Item costing reports


Refined Scoping of Project & design brief occurs on-line.

Coordinated workflow between all design team members.

Enables QA checking of design.

Ability to compare original 'generic' to 'project' Room Data Sheets allows Project Owner/Government audit by room.

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