Project Blueprint
Consulting Services

Our experienced consultants are always available to assist with the implementation of Project Blueprint within your business, which is included in the fee structure.

However, we are regularly asked to assist in other aspects of our projects. These request fit within three major categories; Data Related consulting, Commissioning/Audit services, and Turn-Key Consulting.

Our Consulting division has completed a wide range of services for clients in the past, including assistance with the commissioning of the ARM Project and Epworth Eastern Hospitals, and the provision of detailed Generic Room Data Sheets appropriate to kick-start over a dozen projects including the Royal Children’s Hospital Redevelopment.

Data related Consulting

  • Provision and tailoring of detailed Generic Room Data Sheets relevant to the specific project at hand. These Rooms are based on 'International best practice.'

  • The provision of Victorian and NSW Health Department room templates in RoomData and CAD, and the resulting comparisons at any stage of the project.

  • Completion of tailored 'data structure exports' to proprietary facility maintenance software providers.

  • Provision of tailored exports to Quantity Surveyors/Builders appropriate to the inputting of their Cost Modeling Systems.

Commissioning/Audit Services

  • Project commissioning services, including Equipment receipting, verification and bar-coding services in-situ. Blueprint provides a team of suitably qualified staff to ensure equipment gets audited as delivered; their details checked and serial number noted, and asset bar-coded in-situ. This service can also include the gathering of warranty and service requirements/documentation. Commissioning services culminates in a single complete upload to the Facility Maintenance software supplier chosen.

  • Equipment Audit services. Very few of Blueprint’s projects are ‘green fields’. Often a large amount of equipment is earmarked for transfer from other existing facilities, in various condition/age. Blueprint’s Consulting division is available to provide existing equipment auditing services; where assets are identified, investigated, documented and bar-coded, all captured in the RoomData system with where it resides now and where it would likely go in the new facility. This type of work is usually performed in conjunction with a variety of third party suppliers. By understanding clearly what is likely to be relocated some years hence, a thorough evaluation of what is required to be purchased can more easily be ascertained and budgeted for by Equipment Specialists.

Turn-Key Consulting

  • In conjunction with a variety of third party suppliers, Project Blueprint (Intl.) can provide clients with a Turn-Key Equipment solution.