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Blueprint now markets its patented desktop software, that provides significant efficiencies in the generation, management, and extraction of Cad based drawings.

The tool automates the generation of datasheets, which list details of building fixtures and components previously manually generated from drawings.

The Desktop based CadManage™ software overlays AutoCAD. It greatly reduces the labour involved in generating building data sheet details, by drawing from a database library of items compiled by Blueprint over the last decade, and incorporating information from an AutoCAD drawing.

Essentially, the application revolves around the concept of 'associating' items. Details of every item, and its properties are captured in relevant databases. Through associating these items within a given space, detailed listings of materials and their relationship can be quickly generated.

On many projects Room Data Sheets are required from the Design Team. Some clients use them to 'Benchmark' projects that follow and other clients use them for Facility Management purposes. Project Blueprint's RoomData™ System is ideal for that purpose and allows the complete co-ordination of the design team and the Clients FFE specialist. The CadManage™ desktop software was developed to stream line completion of Room Data by direct extraction from Cad files into Project Blueprint's internet based RoomData™ system.

When a database is required for the Building Owners Facility Management System, it becomes necessary to fill out room data sheets from 'As Built' drawings and combine it with FF&E Excel or Access files. This is a labour-intensive activity and most consultants do not have a coordinated system in place.

The CadManage™ software consists of the following parts:

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